Welcome to Aroundagain

Aroundagain is a business based at the Mildura Landfill providing supported employment for adults with a disability.

We are the business division of the Christie Centre Inc, a not-for profit organisation chartered with supporting, educating and employing adults with a disability

All income from these businesses goes back into the operation of Aroundagain, enabling us to build a stronger business, which in turn can continue employing people with a disability:

The Business supports the Service and the Service sustains the Business.

We are based at the Mildura Landfill on Council land and we have formed a very strong and collaborative partnership, which greatly benefits everyone.

We have a number of businesses:

Sales of Goods

Receival and sales of goods donated by the general public of item too good to throw away.

Document Destruction

Confidential paper shredding service.


Dismantling of non-working electrical items. All components are sold to recycling businesses.


As part of our goods Receival area, we collect recyclable items such as copper, aluminium, cast iron and car batteries, which are then sold to recycling businesses.

Surveyors Pegs

We supply painted surveyors pegs to virtually all surveyors around the Mildura area.

On the following pages you will find more detailed information about what we do.  We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at Aroundagain!


Our Goals